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download textbooks for free pdf

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Display size in Acrobat You can adjust the display size of your PDF for easier reading as per the device you are using

To make the attachment viewable in Acrobat 50 or earlier, do one of the following: Choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Attachments, and select Show Attachments By Default from the options menu (selected by default)

download textbooks for free pdf

Choose File > Properties, click the Initial View tab, choose Attachments Panel And Page from the Navigation Tab menu, and click OKSave the PDF(Optional) To add a description to the attachment that helps differentiate between similar files in the Attachments panel, select the attached file, and from the options menu , choose Edit Description

download textbooks for free pdf

Edit the text of the description, and then save the fileOpen, save, or delete an attachment You can open a PDF attachment and make changes to it—if you have permissions—and your changes are applied to the PDF attachment

download textbooks for free pdf

For other types of file attachments, you have an option of opening or saving the file

Opening the file starts the application that handles the file format of the attachment—you must have that application to open the attachmentChoose Tools > Edit PDF

The Edit PDF toolset is displayed in the secondary toolbarNote: Formatting and other related options are displayed in the right-hand pane

In the secondary toolbar, choose Header & Footer > AddAs needed, specify the Font and Margin values

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